Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I start the Course?

“You can register Online for the Courses A1.1 and A1.2 any day, any time”

2. What is the duration of the Course?

“The total duration for the Course A1.1 is 30 hours and for Course A1.2 is 40 hours”

3. “What is the validity of Registration period?”

The Registration will be valid for 30 days for A1.1 and 40 days for A1.2, considering one hour per day is dedicated to complete the course.

4. “What if I can’t finish the Course within the Registration period?”

If you can’t finish the Course within the Registration period, you will need to send an email for extension to However, the extension will be chargeable.

5. Whom to contact if I have doubts?

You can send a mail to

6. Can I get assistance if I have problem to understand anything?

Yes, please send a mail to

7. Will I be able to speak after taking this Course?

You will be in a position to start speaking Basic German.

8. Can I download the Course Material?

No, that is not possible.

9. Is there any test during or after the Course?

“There is no test but you need to do the assignments of every Lesson to complete the Course.”

10. Is it a certified Course? Is this Certificate valid to get Visa or Work Permit?

“You will get a Completion Certificate from Deutsch Center after successful completion of the Course. The Completion Certificate is not valid for Visa and Work Permit. After The Course A1.2, you need to show A1.2 Completion Certificate and can take ZA1 ÖSD Exam at Deutsch Center, Bangalore, India, to earn ZA1 ÖSD Certificate, which is valid for Visa and Work Permit.”

11. What are the technical requirements for taking part in this Course?

Being an on-line course, you need a computer / mobile / tablet device with Internet connection that enables you to do the Course online.

12. Do I need to take all the modules?

Yes. Course completion calls for covering the entire prescribed contents.

We will issue an electronic digital Completion Certificate, which can be downloaded.

13. What do I receive at the end of the course and what is the criteria to get it?

After having successfully completed the course you will get a Completion Certificate from Deutsch Center.

14. What are the different methods by which I can pay for my course?

Credit and debit cards and Net banking are acceptable modes of payment.

Alternatively, you can use internet banking through PayU in India or outside India.

15. If I am not able to start or complete the Course after paying the Course, will the Course Fee be refunded?

Once the Course Fee is paid, it will not be refunded under any circumstances.