About this Course

The Beginner’s Course A1.1 is a very basic course for anyone to start learning German as a foreign Language without any prior knowledge. On successful completion of this Course a “Completion Certificate” will be awarded by Deutsch Center.

Aim and Scope

The Aim and Scope of the Beginner’s Course A1.1 is to provide the opportunity to learn Basic German Language at your convenient time. This course will enable you to start using German language within few weeks and will lead you to continue learning German by taking the next Beginner’s Course A1.2.

Course Materials

  • The Course A1.1 consists of 5 Lessons, each Lesson consisting of 4 Modules and Assignments based on those Modules. Each Assignment consists of 1 or more Exercises, which are mentioned on the CONTENT page.
  • A score is awarded at the end of each Assignment (not Exercise) based on the number of correct answers in that Assignment. An average score of 80% or more is required to download the Completion Certificate after finishing all the Assignments.
  • This Course is Audio-Visual, each slide has an audio pertaining to the text in that slide.
  • You cannot download the text. The learning instructions are given on the slides. However, it is advisable to make your own notes from the text and audio.
  • If you would like to check the meaning of the words appearing in the lessons in English, you may refer to www.linguee.de or www.dict.cc: key in the German word and you will get the meaning in English.
  • At the bottom of each slide of a Module, “Next Assignment” icon will appear on the right side and “Previous Assignment” will appear on the left Side. Clicking on these icons will directly take you to the respective Assignment skipping rest of the slides in that Module.
  • At the bottom of the last slide of a Module, “Next Module” will appear on the right side and “Previous Module” will appear on the left side. Clicking on these icons will directly take you to the respective Module skipping the Assignment.
  • To complete the Exercises in the Assignments, please read the 'On Screen' instructions carefully. The answer will be correct only if the words are written with proper case sensitivity and full stop is put at the end of the sentence.
  • After completing A1.1 Course, you can continue learning German by registering for A1.2 Course. This will enhance your knowledge in German Language and will enable you to take Level A1 Exam.
  • You can mail your query to germanonline@deutschcenter.com.