The Course “German Online” is to facilitate learning German as a Foreign Language without the help of any instructor. This is a nodal point which bridges the gap between time constraint and German Language knowledge. In this Online Course, we offer learning German Language in a very easy way.


We are offering two Courses A1.1 and A1.2.


Both the Courses together are equivalent to the Beginner’s Level A1 provided by Deutsch Center (ÖSD Bangalore).  On successful completion of each course a “Completion Certificate” will be awarded by Deutsch Center.


After completion of A1.2, if one wishes, can attend the classes for Model Tests and appear in ÖSD A1 Exam at Deutsch Center, Bangalore, India (authorized ÖSD Examination Center).

ÖSD Certificates are valid and acknowledged world-wide for Visa, Study and Work purposes.